Visualization in healing with cannabis uses fantasy as a way to create positive mindsets. This helps you eliminate barriers to your well-being. Visualization is a process that can be seen as creating a theatre in your mind. You will be creating stories to heal yourself.

Visualizing does not come easily to everybody. Regardless of your familiarity, check out our visualizations and listen to Dr. Sacco as he guides you through a self-hypnotic journey. 

In every story or visualization, you create a destination or a conclusion to your story. You can think of this as your desired change. Visualizations may eliminate barriers like negative thinking or build motivation to enhance your positive experiences. Every day is different. Your visualizations will change with your life circumstances. 

Write and produce your visualizations using the available technology at your finger tips. Develop your own playlist of victorious stories that you can use during rough times. Share your visualizations to help others conquer similar challenges. 

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