Why practice relaxation exercises?

Relaxing is hard in this modern world, so even the thought of practicing “relaxation exercises” while high can sound exhausting. Like you need another task to put on your “to-do” list. Practicing relaxation exercises may even sound counterintuitive to some because most medical cannabis patients already associate being “high” with relaxation. If this sounds about right, then you may not feel the need to relax, or practice anything, because the cannabis does it for you. 

The temporary oasis from everyday life is part of the magic of cannabis, and why most patients find cannabis a life-enhancing, legitimate, medicinal option. Unfortunately, you can’t light up wherever you’d like, or at the exact instant you’re feeling stressed. Getting “high” is restricted and illegal inmost public places, whether you’re in a hospital getting chemo treatment, a graduate school lecture, the DMV waiting line, or at home supervising children. 

Using Cannabis to Practice Relaxation

Stress follows humans wherever they go. Healthy High uses the cannabis “high,” or THC- Altered State of Consciousness (ASoC), to cue relaxation. Most importantly, it’s time for you to give yourself permission to experiment with new strategies, discover your favorite resources. Once you find what you like, then practice as often as you’d like.  

I was taught that people must practice deep breathing while relaxed, then use it when anxious or stressed. People often dismiss deep breathing as useless because they’re told to do so during a panic attack. Just take a deep breath…seems ridiculous when it feels like you’re dying. 

A therapist who doesn’t emphasize practicing relaxation exercises, while already in a relaxed state, – is the equivalent of a drill instructor teaching a soldier how to shoot during battle.

Stressing About Relaxing

Should I use an app, smoke a joint, clean-up, meditate, take a pill…? The ideas are endless…How one chooses to relax can be riddled with anxiety-fueled thoughts. I love the moment when a person discovers their self-care activity. It’s the perfect justification to do what they want, when they want, and take no slack from anybody. They’ll say, “It’s my self-care.” 

Self-care education is trending and there’s a slew of helpful apps and videos available to calm a busy mind. Bright Mind is a wonderful app to practice Buddhist meditation.

Make Your Own Relaxation Music

But as a musician and tech fan, I love writing and recording my own inductions, then laying them over soundscapes I create with instruments or loops on Garage Band. Creating relaxations and visualizations is a part of my Healthy High Creativity enhancement. I don’t like listening to myself, but my sister said she listened to Get Ready to Fight nightly and it helped her get to sleep. She may be a bit biased, so check this out,  I hope they work for you.

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