Healthy High Personal Affirmation

Your Inner Healer's Voice

Personal affirmation is the third step in Healthy High, after you find your ideal “high,” then successfully relax and empty your busy mind, tap into the wisest part of yourself, and channel your inner healer’s voice. Try it out yourself, and explore a Healthy High exercise in Personal Affirmation at the end of this article.

Affirmation will only work if you truly believe what you recite. It’s different than “sending a positive message into the universe.” Personal Affirmation is not like tossing a penny into a wishing well and hoping that your wish comes true. Let’s take a look at how to make this happen.

The cannabis Altered State of Consciousness produces a mild-to-intense psychedelic state depending on how much you ingest and the method of delivery. The high potency THC- edibles can be tasty. Eating one too many, once digested in 20-30 mins, can catch up with you and produce a more intense psychedelic experience. Finding your therapeutic dose means discovering the right combo to facilitate a comfortable state where you can close your eyes and turn inward. The THC-ASoC is the catalyst that transforms you into your own hypnotist.

How I Discovered Personal Affirmation

Dr. Stuart Twemlow- a world renowned psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, consciousness/ psychedelic researcher, and friend, visited my father after his first round of treatment for head and neck cancer. He called my father’s oncologist, and inquired if it’s safe for my father to smoke cannabis. After receiving the go-ahead, he encouraged my father to try cannabis for the first time after treatment. It revolutionized my father’s life, and before leaving, Dr. Twemlow left Robert Monroe’s cassette tapes called “The Emergency Series.” I found a cassette player and explored the world of binaural beats, semi-sync technology, transcendental meditation, and self-hypnosis.

The tapes brought me to a pleasant state of relaxation where my body relaxed into a stillness, devoid of restlessness, while my mind was clear and awake. Monroe recited the affirmation, “I’m more than my physical body, because I’m more than my physical body, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” The affirmation is much longer, and I encourage you find out what the rest entails. The affirmation intrigued me, so I researched the content of the affirmation and memorized it. After one session, I would feel more rested than after a full nights sleep. Personal Affirmation isn’t created by another person, it’s written by you, for your own well-being.

Personal Affirmation is Personal

A Healthy High affirmation is personalized to your unique life situation. What’s your medical condition that threatens your life? Name the distress embedded in your mind and body. How does it limit you? Take the time to reflect on your Mental Pathways.

When you traverse the emotion pathway, what emotions do you find? Fear, anxiety, shame, guilt? Then, think about what you need to feel to free yourself of these limiting emotions. Courage beats fear. Peace overcomes anxiety. Confidence conquers shame. Acceptance diffuses guilt. You may write down your Personal Affirmation as a poem. Memorize it, then recite it after relaxing yourself.

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