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We’re a group of family and friends who believe in the healing power of cannabis. We blend our professional knowledge, expertise, and skills as therapists into the medical cannabis industry. A Healthy High views cannabis wellness from a behavioral and mental health perspective to build upon the medical contributions to the field. 

Frank C. Sacco, Ph. D.

Founder, 1949 - 2020

Since 1984, Dr. Sacco pioneered the use of home-based mental health services to multi-problem families often referred by the Massachusetts Departments of Children and Families and Youth Services, courts and schools. He was international speaker on school violence and victimization who appeared on CNN News and featured on CNN Opinion commenting on school shootings and bullying, as well as addressed audiences in Jamaica, Paraguay, Australia, and New Zealand on the topics of violence. Dr. Sacco was a former adjunct Professor at Western New England College in Springfield, MA. He was qualified as an expert in Child and Family Mental Health over 100 times in juvenile and federal courts in Massachusetts. He has been a consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit on topics including US School Shooters, Threat Assessment, Domestic Violence, and Internet Sexual Exploitation of Children. He completed training at the Menninger Clinic under Dr. Karl Menninger and studied for two and a half years with Harriet B. O’Shea, Ph.D., an elder Anna Freudian, and Professor Emeritus from Purdue University. Dr. Sacco was a 25 year martial artist with a Black Belt in Han-Pul Karate. He co-authored 35 papers and book chapters on school violence prevention, threat assessment, as well as several educational videos. 

Frank C. Sacco, Jr., Psy.D.

Co-Founder, Manager-Member

Dr. Frank C. Sacco, Jr. graduated with his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at William James College in Boston, MA. At WJC, Frank’s emphasis was in Global Mental Health. Over the years, Frank has developed and implemented programs in countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, and China. For his doctoral research, Frank developed an assessment protocol and intervention program for youth struggling with problematic gaming. Frank is an experienced community mental health worker with over 10 years’ experience in delivering home-based psychotherapy and therapeutic mentoring. He has extensive experience in treating complex trauma and reaching alienated youth. Dr. Sacco’s clinical expertise influenced his authorship and position as an Associate Editor in the International Journal for Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. His most recent work can be found is a chapter in the book: Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Evolving Clinical Practice (2019). Currently, Frank’s passion project is to revitalize psychedelic medicine in contemporary society as he develops a treatment model for cannabis-assisted psychotherapy.

Charles Granoff, LICSW, LMFT

Co-Founder, Member

Mr. Granoff is a seasoned psychotherapist with 30+ years of experience working with high-risk behaviors in community mental health centers. He maintains a private practice in clinical social work that offers customized community treatment, as well as a long-standing office-based practice. He has been active in the International Association of Applied Psychoanalysis for the past 15 years and is also a lifetime member of the International Association of Social Workers (NASW). Mr. Granoff currently serves as the senior clinical supervisor at Community Services Institute in Dorchester, MA and AfterCare, Inc., a mental health and substance abuse clinic in East Boston, MA. 


Angel Canada, PCC

Professional Certified Coach

I am a Professional Coach specializing in Transitions.  Life brings transitions to us whether they are planned or unplanned.  How we handle these changes and the process we use to make our decisions benefit from working with a Coach like myself. The experience I’ve gained from working 25+ years in the Consumer Products Industry has allowed me to help people find their own compass and individual passion. It is my belief that the more we bring our own desires, experiences and point of view into all conversations in our ways of living, the clearer our goals will be, not only to ourselves but to those we engage with.

The Origins of Healthy High-
From the Psychedelic 60's to 2020

The Healthy High theory incorporates concepts and ideas that originated in Frank, Sr’s college days at University of Massachusetts in 1970 during the psychedelic 60’s. He joined a program called “Room to Move,” a group of volunteers who helped UMass students, anti-war demonstrators and festival goer’s navigate bad LSD trips, rather than be sent to Northampton State Hospital and treated as psychotic. Here he met pioneers in the field like Dr. Stanley Krippner who taught various techniques to help a person navigate out of bad trips. He learned alongside his friend and colleague Dr. Dan Brown, as they explored and learned meditation and self-hypnosis together. These early experiences form the basis of Healthy High. Expanding consciousness is the key for cannabis therapy and education. The abstract idea of awareness and consciousness can be found in many ancient rituals, hypnosis, meditations, and martial arts practice. Healthy High follows these traditions embedded in the healing arts going back centuries.

The Healthy High Story

-A Letter From Dr. Sacco, Sr

Dear Healthy High community,

This project is a labor of love reflecting a 2-year struggle in which my and son and I worked together on ways to survive an intense series of medical battles. This voyage travelled through several hospitals, cancer treatment, rehabilitation for a related orthopedic limitation combined with radiation. The struggle was intense. 

As a father, I was powerless, unable to walk, and weakened by non-stop cancer treatments and neurosurgery. Separated from my family with my son in doctoral training nearby, I was surrounded by his love and motivation. He immediately began to motivate me to create and write about what I was doing. I couldn’t write, so he set up an audio taping kit for me to use in the rehabilitation facility. I spent 2-3 hours a day outlining ideas drawn from my early training in altered states of consciousness. As we refined our ideas, we realized the healing power of the altered state of consciousness, prayer, and communication. I was able to re-create altered states without cannabis based on a lifetime of using cannabis to calm my mind and cope with pain and insomnia.

Every evening, my longtime friend and colleague, Charles Granoff, LICSW was by my bedside. We created our first company, Virtual Healing Communities, LLC as a much-needed way to offer self help strategies for cannabis patients. The ideas in this book are all based on my early research and practice in crisis intervention with psychedelic emergencies in the late 1960’s at UMass, Amherst’s Room to Move Drug Drop-in Center combined with very real, ongoing medical struggles. LSD generates a very powerful psychedelic experience. Dr. Krippner, old professor and mentor of Frank Sr., helped shape Healthy High’s approach to the ASoC. Cannabis is a much milder altered state with many of the same elements. Consciousness is the key idea in this approach. 

The abstract idea of awareness and various level of consciousness can be found in many ancient rituals, meditations, and martial arts practice, and Healthy High follows these traditions. Healthy High uses hypnosis has been around medicine for over a hundred years, and parts of this therapy technique can be found embedded in the healing arts going back centuries.

With Love & Respect,

Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D.

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