The Altered State of Consciousness (ASoC):
A Door to Your Mental Pathways

At the heart of healing, you’ll explore your Mental Pathways. In Healthy High, you traverse an inner landscape and learn a language to describe the abstract. The cannabis Altered State of Consciousness (ASoC), or THC- “high,” loosens the cognitive controls of how you experience awareness in the immediate here-and-now. Once you enter this state of mind, what do you do? 

Do you want more than simply tuning-out and disconnecting?

Cannabis Therapy & Mental Pathways

What are Mental Pathways?

Healthy High outlines a model to understand your mind while self-healing with cannabis. Your “mental pathways” help you think about, and deal with, troublesome emotions, memories, sensations, and thoughts.

Choose a pathway based on your healing goals and medical condition/s. If you are trying to deal with trauma you might target the memory pathway. When in pain, you could target the sensory pathways. For depression, you may explore your thinking and emotion pathway.

If you do not have a therapist, and you’ve been through intense experiences, work with a therapist or Healthy High guide. Therapeutic support will help you feel safe as you deal with distress along your mental pathways.

Targeting Mental & Physical Barriers

In discovering your Healthy High, try to break-down all the barriers you find along your mental pathways. Barriers influence your mind-body distress. The distress and problems you experience everyday evolve into barriers. They can hold you back from healing and growing.

However, do not fall victim to your distress. Let’s make a plan to find the barriers and develop strategies to feel better.

Create Images and Put a Face on Your Fear, Anxiety, and Self-Destructiveness

Represent and create an image for your distress. Do this mentally, draw, or find an image. The process of putting an image on it “symbolizes” your weaknesses and strengths. You’ll use these symbols later when visualizing.

Meanwhile, practice deepening your relaxation and breathing. Once your mind’s clear, recite your personal affirmation and call upon your inner healer. Now, you are ready to visualize.

Destroy Your Inner Demons

Check out Dr. Sacco, Sr’s visualization. Create mental weapons and destroy your inner demons. Later on, customize your healing practice. Emphasize visualizations, self-exploration, and self-hypnosis in healing. 

Check out Transpersonal psychologists such as Stanislav Grof and Stanley Krippner. Learn more information on non-ordinary states of consciousness.

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