Start Your Healing Journey

Welcome to Healthy High!

Let’s begin a journey! This is command central for your Healthy High. Gain access to educational resources from visualizations to tai-chi videos, worksheets to track your experience, and discussion forums to share creative projects and tips.

Create Your Profile & Join the Community

Customize Profile: Upload a profile picture and background image. Then, Add a testimonial, personal affirmation, or healing mantra.

Make A Plan

Imagine Your Healing Strategy: Reflect on your medical condition and identify what’s causing you stress. Describe your main objectives and think about scheduling in your cannabis healing sessions.

Customize Home Healing

Setting Up A Home Healing Ritual: Find your location and what senses you could stimulate to feel comfortable.

Find Your Therapeutic Cannabis Regiment

Find Your Method of Ingestion & Cannabis Cultivar (strain): Think of what you want out of your cannabis, document the percentages of CBD, THC, Terpenes and Flavinoids, then describe your outcome.

Discover Your Ideal Cannabis ASoC: How much cannabis will you ingest to feel happily high and ready for self-discovery.

Practice Relaxation

Try relaxation exercises & build your relaxation practice. Identify stress points and barriers to relaxation. Think about what techniques or sensory aids that may help overcome barriers

Personal Affirmation

Create Your Affirmations: Identify weaknesses and what strengths you need, then write and your memorize your personal affirmation.

Explore Your 4 Mental Pathways

Thinking: Identify negative thoughts and impact on daily life, then find positive psychology and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) techniques

Emotions: Explore negative emotions and impact on daily life, then describe positive feelings you can access.

Memory: Identify your negative memories and impact on daily life, then describe positive memories you imagine.

Sensory: Locate your pain and impact on daily life, then ways to stimulate your 5 senses.


Symbol Making: symbolize distress, picture your strengths, and imagine your healing powers.

Creating A Storyline for Your Visualization: learn different mental movements and ways for your inner healer to deal with distress.

Creativity & Movement

Develop your plan to stay creative. Writing, drawing, painting, photography, sculpting….the list goes on. Learn ways to expand creativity in the cannabis ASoC and share your work with others. Explore resources and videos on Tai-chi and yoga.

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