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Cannabis Technician Training

Our online course that delivers a primer on patient-centered care and the ASoC in healing. Your the expert in the product, we're the expert in the patient. Let's work together and watch your techs grow along with your business.

Book Packages

To build a stronger foundation, we also provide discounts on bulk orders of our book Healthy High. This visually appealing guide targets the patient/technician who desires a deeper understanding of the history, theory, and core concepts of our ASoC healing method.

Patient Training Packages

We can help you build customer loyalty beyond gimmicks or reward points. By offering our patient trainings it will not only differentiate you from your competition, but it will let your patients know that you care about their health and wellbeing.

Seminars & Events

Sponsor events where Dr. Sacco, Jr. speaks to your community about the ASoC in healing and the psychology of cannabis. Schedule workshops where people create their Healthy HIgh step-by-step under the guidance of a mental health professional.

Exclusive Webinars

Monthly check-in's with your patient community and technicians. We discuss how your patient community understands the material and provide Q & A. This can be the time for you to highlight new products and gather feedback.


Whether you're looking to move toward therapeutic consumption on-sight or virtually, we can help you create a plan. We will provide the services to assist you in meeting your organizational goals and patient needs. Let's collaborate and build a wellness community.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our book Healthy High is the foundational guide and will provide everything your customer needs to developing their holistic healing practice. We can provide copies for retail purchase on site or can be ordered from Amazon.

The quickest way into an ASoC is often through smoking, other methods of ingestion can take longer. Many experienced meditators, yoga practicioners, and runners induce an ASoC naturally. The THC helps get you there quicker and easier.  That being said, once you are trained in the method, you can use symbolization, visualization, personal affirmation, and relaxation technqiues with any client.

Yes, contact us for more information regarding additional licenses, seminars, workshops, individual trainings and more. We can collobrate and customize to meet your needs.

The workbook is designed for your educational and personal experience. We recommend patients maintain their own workbook and journal offered in our patient training. We can also provide you with a package of trainings or workbooks for your patients.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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