Ingesting Cannabis

Fine-Tune Your Regiment

Obtaining a medical cannabis card is ruled by state regulations. You must present in front of a medical doctor authorized by your state to identify a qualifying medical condition. This medical authority determines whether you qualify under your state’s regulations as a medical cannabis patient.

Often, dispensaries offer you a comprehensive overview of information for each strain. Most dispensaries offer educational materials and technicians who teach you about the cannabis plant. Cannabis comes in many forms from flower you smoke to edibles you eat, and salves for your skin. The dispensaries statistical breakdown of each strain helps you understand the plant, although the therapeutic effect is determined by your experience. As a patient, you personally customize your regiment and experiment with various strains of flower and methods of ingestion. You do not need the doctor to write you a prescription on a monthly basis. Adjusting your dosage is up to you. 

Nowhere else in medicine does a government regulation override a doctor’s medical opinion. This could leave the cannabis patient in the dark about how to use cannabis effectively in their healing. There is no pharmacist or doctor guiding the cannabis patients use of the healing agent. Patients might feel that their use of cannabis is a “hoax” perpetrated to get high. This situation is further complicated by the lack of education for medical or mental health professionals.

Our healing with cannabis approach is designed to offer a way to track your experience and share your insights with our online community. 

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