Embark on Your Healthy High Journey

Discover your cannabis wellness plan and activate your self-healing by enhancing your mastery of mental and physical strategies for mind-body wellness.

Discover Your Healthy High & The Healer Within You

You’ll craft a routine that maximizes your cannabis “high” for self-healing. Get access to educational videos, downloadable PDF workbook, visualization exercises, relaxation techniques, and more.

How It Works?

Enroll into your course to access to Dr. Sacco's educational videos, worksheets for journaling, guided visualizations, relaxation exercises, and more.


Module One

Overcome the demonization of cannabis and educate yourself on the healing potential of being "high," or the Altered Stated of Consciousness (ASoC).


Module Two

Learn how to manage your medical condition using the cannabis-ASoC. Deepen your self-exploration and empower your healing journey.


Module Three

Experiment with exploring your mental pathways, relaxation skills, personal affirmations, visualization, creativity, and movement.

Want to legitimize
your cannabis healing?

Cannabis is often quickly discounted as an weakness or "escape." Many professionals view cannabis as self-medicating behavior or drug abuse. A Healthy High shows you how to make cannabis "medical."

Want to learn self-hypnosis with cannabis?

The cannabis high is a mild psychedelic state where new ways of thinking and being are possible. We teach you how to become your own hypnotist through techniques like symbolization and visualization.

The result is a courageous, informed, and extremely helpful guide to both patients and practitioners who are willing to expand their knowledge and ‘consciousness’ about how to safely and respectfully use this ubiquitous weed.
Ira Brenner


We often invest in our physical health (ie. fitness, massage, yoga). This course offers you the same opportunity to focus on your holistic wellness practice from the comfort of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are a resident in a state with legal medical cannabis, 21 years of age or older, and have a valid medical cannabis certification. 

If you find yourself questioning whether you need therapy, then we encourage you find a mental health professional. This course can supplement your treatment

The quickest way into an ASoC is often through smoking, other methods of ingestion can take longer. Many experienced meditators, yoga practicioners, and runners induce an ASoC naturally. The THC helps get you there quicker and easier.