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You'll learn hypnosis techniques that harness the Altered-State of Consciousness, and cannabis wellness tools that guide your patients to new levels of emotional and mental well-being

A Holistic Patient-Centered Approach to Cannabis Use

In traditional psychotherapy, Patients often withold their cannabis use out of fear and shame. We strive to help you meet the needs of your patients by offering a method and materials that keep cannabis medical & improve the therapeutic dynamic.

How It Works?

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Module One

Learn the history of Psychedelic Psychology, and the theoretical foundation & fundamental skills to the Healthy High approach.


Module Two

Learn about potential referral situations, patient presentations, and various Healthy High treatment goals that can help guide your patients' cannabis wellness practice.


Module Three

Learn about the 5 Healthy High Techniques, and how to implement the techniques into your work with cannabis patients.

Are you a pro-cannabis therapist in hiding?

Are you a therapist who believes in the power of cannabis, and in need of an approach for your practice? Blend your therapeutic interventions with the Healthy High approach to creating and shaping suggestions. Cannabis creates the hypnotic state. You'll learn how to teach your patients how to navigate their own unique home healing ritual, and explore their mental pathways, relaxation, personal affirmation, and self-hypnosis practice.

Do you want to help beyond certifying the patient?

Are you a medical professional authorized to certify medical cannabis patients who desires to help beyond the inital consult? Our techniques can help you improve patient-centered care by integrating into your practice concepts from the world of psychology and behavioral medicine. This will build upon your expertise in biology and plant-based medicine.

Healthy High is an essential read for healthcare providers and their patients seeking to learn more about the legitimate medical applications for plant-based cannabis.
John Halpern, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Author


This course offers you the opportunity to build your knowledge of medical cannabis and join a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to holistic wellness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

These courses equip you with the skills and techniques to work with medical cannabis patients. At this point, we are still researching a certification process for CEU’s for mental health professionals. We anticipate that as federal guidelines change and become more inclusive, we will have more updates.

The quickest way into an ASoC is often through smoking, other methods of ingestion can take longer. Many experienced meditators, yoga practicioners, and runners induce an ASoC naturally. The THC helps get you there quicker and easier.  That being said, once you are trained in the method, you can use symbolization, visualization, personal affirmation, and relaxation technqiues with any client.

Yes, contact us for more information regarding additional licenses, seminars, workshops, individual trainings and more. We can collobrate and customize to meet your needs.

The workbook is designed for your educational and personal experience. We recommend patients maintain their own workbook and journal offered in our patient training. We can also provide you with a package of trainings or workbooks for your patients.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.