The foundational book, Healthy High: A Guide to Discovering Your Inner Healer and Overcoming Medical Conditions, is just a starting point.

These online worksheets link-up with the book and help structure the medical cannabis patient’s experience. Each member can privately track his or her own cannabis regiment while reflecting on the session goals, outcomes, and effectiveness.

Create a plan, track your experience, and archive your data. You can access the following worksheets and information from anywhere. While in your local dispensary, pull up your data to find the best cultivar (strain) and fine-tune your cannabis regiment to best suit your needs.

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1:  Setting Up a Home Healing Ritual    

2 : Relaxation Strategies   

3 : Personal Affirmation

4: Create Your Healing Strategy   

5: Symbol Making: Picturing Your Strengths   

6: Symbolizing Your Distress    

7: Mind Exploration and Travel Methods    

8: The Four Major Mental Pathways        

9: Exploring the Memory Pathway     

10: Exploring the Thinking Pathway   

11: Exploring the Emotions Pathway    

12: Creating a Storyline for Your Visualizations  

13: Select Your Cannabis & Keep Track of Effects

14: Pain Locator  

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