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Conscientious Community

Medical cannabis patients, healthcare professionals, and dispensaries come together to focus on the psychology of cannabis and how it impacts patient wellbeing.

Educational Goals

Track your progress and get lifetime access to our course and materials including a PDF patient workbook, educational videos, and exercises for visualization, relaxation, and affirmation.  

Comfortable Pace

 Learn at your own pace, and build your foundation of cannabis healing through our online courses. Find your educational pathway below and begin your healing journey.

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Healthcare Professional Education & Training

In the United States, there are approximately 2.13 million people certified as medical cannabis patients. Healthcare professionals who believe in the healing properties of cannabis can help their patients discover a Healthy High. Upon completion of the online training, you’ll be awarded a certificate before joining our team of Healthy High Guides. In order to enroll in our Healthcare Professional training, you must hold one of the qualifying degrees below and state licensure in your respective field. The following healthcare professionals are eligible candidates:


Patient Education & Training

The Healthy High Wellness Program guides medical cannabis patients in developing a unique cannabis wellness practice. You’ll craft a routine that maximizes your cannabis “high” for self-healing. Get access to educational videos, downloadable PDF workbook, visualization exercises, relaxation techniques, and more. You must be a resident in a state with legal medical cannabis, 21 years of age or older, and have a valid medical cannabis certification. The Drs. Sacco cover the medical conditions below:

Medical Conditions

Dispensary Education & Training

For those organizations who want to maximize the benefits of their product- let us train your workforce, educate your patients, & build your wellness center. Our Healthy High team is dedicated to the mission of uniting cannabis patients in a supportive and healing space. Medical Cannabis Healing, LLC uses telehealth to immediately connect with individuals or organizations regardless of location. 


Why us

Get to know us better, try out a few exercises

Before taking the leap to join the Healthy High community, try out Dr. Sacco’s exercises located in our free resources section. 

Healthy High Personal Affirmation
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