Creativity enhancement

Breakthrough Your Blockages in Creativity

Creativity means launching yourself into self-exploration for self-enhancement. Healthy High exercises are like a jump-start into a new frame of reference. Creative beings seek novel experience buried in an altered state of consciousness (ASoC). Rockstars, writers, and artists are prime examples of people searching for ways to express themselves.

Creatives desire unlocking something new. Expressing your inner world is anxiety provoking. The focus is on the outcome, praying that others connect with what you create.

In therapy, I find patients harbor a need to feel productive, artistic, and creative. There’s a desire dormant in human beings to express what they see’s in their mind. But, as I find myself searching for the perfect words, I remember creating is not easy to do. So, what should we look out for?

Stress Zaps Creativity

When you’re overwhelmed with stress, family and friends may point out a need for self-care. People deny feeling burnt out, and keep pushing through. So, creating means you have to work at it. Being creative requires a certain mood, mindset, and motivation.

Your Healthy High is a way for you to heed the call of your loved ones. What feels like unavoidable stress can sap your energy, time, and money. If you know what I mean, it’s time to take care of yourself and cultivate your antidote to stress.

Liberating Yourself from Judgement

Release your “self-consciousness” as you shift your consciousness into a healthy high. In this mindset, try something new. Your creativity enhancement is a practice of overcoming fears of failure and judgement.

Don’t worry, you can throw out ugly drawings and delete dark morbid poetry. You don’t have to worry what anybody says, you’re both the performer and audience. Once you discover your method of creativity, make time for it.

Being Creative Fosters Resiliency

A creative consciousness is a healing state. It can take you away from your pain.You may type with fervor, paint with fluid strokes, or pluck away at the guitar. No matter what it sounds, reads, or looks like channeling your creativity is what’s important. A flow of creativity anchors me in the present, opening up a moment untethered from the past or future.

Take a Creative Ride

This is your invitation to go on a ride of discovery, find new images and symbols. Capture and convey what you find. Share with the community your art and creative process.

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