• 6 Lessons

    Dispensary Training

    Dispensary Training Begin your Healthy High training and learn how to build a person-focused language for cannabis healing. Go beyond the bud and into the…
  • 11 Lessons

    Healthcare Professional Training

    If you're a mental health professional who believes in the healing power of cannabis, then our Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy Training is for you. Dr. Sacco Sr. synthesizes his 45 years of experience into this 3 hour training. His expertise in hypnosis, behavioral medicine, humanistic psychology, and psychodynamic theory are blended into the Healthy High approach to healing the mind and body. Therapists will learn about psychedelic psychology and the 5 Healthy High techniques and treatment goals for cannabis-assisted psychotherapy.
  • 5 Lessons

    Patient Self-Healing

    Discover Your Healthy High: A Medical Marijuana Patient’s Educational Guide to Mastering Cannabis Self-Healing This course is designed to educate you on the power of…